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9 years ago

Netbackup Schedule

Hello Experts,

We have 4 schedules in netbackup policy. Daily, weekly.monthly,yearly with calender based schedule.

Daily (Mon-friday)



Yearly(1st saturday on 1 jan)

Daily,Weekly and monthly are fine but our yearly schedule is clashing with weekly and both are running weekly.

Now i have changed In yearly Calender schedule as below.

 Backup Day (Sat)

Exclude day (All saturday) (Recurring week days)

Include day (7/1/2017 Saturday) (Specific Days)


Please let us know the best practise for how to do with 4 schedules Daily, weekly.monthly,yearly (Calender)


Thanks so much experts.


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  • I am not very clear on your Scheudle that you want to setup. But if I understand something, please try this.

    Keep Daily, Weekly as it is. For Weekly you may need to exclude 1st week of the Month if you have one Weekly scheudle name.(You can keep W1 (will be monthly), W2, W3, W4 & W5 if required)

    For Monthly - Include First Sat of Each Month (Or as per your requirment), Put Exclude only for the Jan Month of this scheudle dates. 

    For Yearly - Include First Sat of Jan 


    Best Method would be use Specific Dates as the generic usage (like First Sat, Last Sun doesn't work very accurate in available NetBackup Option). First Make sure what you want to acheive or what is your requirment.