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19 years ago

Netbackup Server Types

Looking to implement Netbackup 6, struggling to get my head round licensing requirements
There are 7 SAN attached servers, with 4 robots potentially visible to all, currently using zoning to hide visibility of libraries, using backup exec, ADAMM server backing up around 30 remote clients (very slow), the other 6 san attached servers back themselves up
total data around 3TB
Rough idea so far...
implement SATA disk enclosure, add one additional server to do the remote backups, staging to disk first, other SAN attached servers to continue backing themselves up, directly to the robot, during the day, then backup the staged data to tape
ive a question about licensing/software requirements
would i need here??
1 Netbackup Enterpise Server (for Master server controllling robot etc)
6 SAN Media Servers (including the 2nd server doing disk staging)
1 x SSO per drive??
1 x tape drive license per drive??
1 x client/advanced client per remote server
i need to get some rough costings before we pay someone from veritas to do the actual work..

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  • Graeme,

    THe 30 remote servers.. are they in the same location, if not how are they distributed?

    4 robots ehh gads..... are they all local or is one near the SAN and the rest at remote sites?

    For the local SAN, thinking you have....

    1 robot
    1 master
    6 SAN attached clients
    3 TB of data

    I would buy....
    1 Netbackup Enterpise Server
    1 SSO
    1 x tape drive license per drive
    1 x client/advanced client
    If you have databasees
    1 x extension license (oracle,SQL, Informix or exchange)
    If you have Snap or BCV functionality within the SAN then you wont need the above.

    Note use the SSO on the server that's hosting the most Data, the rest I would send over the network at night over a 1gig network to the master and the let the master do the work! 3TB is a small amount of data and I'd say that you may not even need the SSO.

  • we have 4 robots, all SAN attached, yes, its a complex environment, we have 2 libs with 2 x SDLT220, 2 libs with 4 x SDLT320, full backups are required every day
    30 clients are all in the same site (dont i need a client/advanced client license for all these servers?? like backup exec)
    the other 6 SAN attached servers are all backing up a lot of data to the SAN attached libraries, id like to keep that the same
    we dont want to copy too much over the network (already pulling 750GB of the 3TB across LAN)
    we will have
    1 Master disk staging around 375gb
    1 server disk staging around 375gb
    6 san attached, dumping their data at libraries overnight
    do i need to install netbackup SAN media serveron these servers?? or what...
    we will need exchange backing up, also at brick level
    12 drive heads in total (would like to dispose of one of the libraries),
    how many SSOs are required then?? i thought one per drive head..
    sorry for these questions, but im lost as to our requirements (and my netbackup course isnt for another 4 weeks)
  • Graeme,

    I see why you have 4 robots now.

    I'm sure the yearly hardware maintenance on the four robots and the additional Veritas Licenses you'll need to make it work will make the 4 robot scenario very expensive and painful for you to manage. You may want to trade in the old libraries and lease or purchase a new "1 robot - 4 tape drive library" you would be amazed by the throughput on these new libraries, HP, IBM, ADIC or Quantum make good ones. Doing this will save lots O $ in the long run!

    NO matter what you do you'll need
    For the Clients I would just get 1 Client license for each client. I think they call it client/advanced client license, in the past Veritas called each client license---->
    for example:
    Product Description: Netbackup Datacenter. HPUX
    Product Description: Netbackup Datacenter. WIN
    Product Description: Netbackup Datacenter. Cross Platform

    So yes I would say you will need 30 lient/advanced client license

    You'll need 1 Exchange License.

    As for the SSO servers you'll need to install the License on the Master server then install Netbackup Enterprise Server software on each SSO server and then configure the SSO servers on the Master server. Find more info here.

    The number of SSO's is really dependent on the speed libraries you have, unfortunately with you current setup I would say 6 SSO are needed, but if you look at the firs paragraph it such a waste of $.

  • thanks for your helpful responses
    yes, the inital quotes i got for 30 odd clients, 12 drive heads 6 SSOs etc, then we were quoted at around 100k (pounds)
    i take it by new fast libraries, something like a MSL6000 with 4 LTO3 drives?
    what about disk staging, if im staging onto 2 different servers, would i then need an SSO on server2 so it could shunt its staged backup data onto tape?
  • If you bought the new library you wont need to stage to another server; stage it to the master then dump to tape, 1 additional SSO would be nice, but not nessesary.

    With a fast Library I stage 6 TB and change of data off the Master and one SSO and all is dumped to tape in 8 hours time, while still doing LAN backups through the one Master.

    It's sweet and its all good!

    I just had received quoted new ADIC 6 Ultrium 2 drives with 250 slots and 25 tapes for 75 K (dollars) at 8 K (dollars a year) maintenace.

    Have fun! :)

  • thanks for your help sir,
    these are the last questions, i promise
    you have no isssue trickling so much data over the LAN? we do have a 1GB backbone, and all servers are on that, there is no separate backup LAN however, you have no issues pulling all that data over the network?
    is netbackup quicker than backup exec? does multiplexing make such a big difference that its useful?
    (we have some webservers/file and print with small files), im concerned that all our data wouldnt be copied overnight in time
    what kind of data are u copying over the network?
    i wouldnt like to do our brick level exchange across the network, or are u doing something simialr in your environment?
  • Graeme,

    We have a 1GB backbone.

    1 Master HPUX L2000
    1 Library = 1 robot 6 tape drives Ultrium 1's, 275 slots HP Sure store 10000 (libray is a bit old but gets the job done)
    1 SSO server (for the Big DB's)
    a Boat load of Clients. Linux HPUX, SUN and Winders.
    1 Exchange server LAN attached
    1 - 1 TB NAS (NDMP)
    1 - 8 TB SAN
    All the data thats on all the "local" Billy gates drives get backed up via the LAN.

    I only turn Multiplexing on for O.S backups and static type files that dont change to mutch and cause it takes a long time to do a restore.

    If you do get a new library you wont have to worrie about getting all your data to tape.

    LAN type backups is everything but the DB's, the DB's are in the SAN and done via SSO and Master server

    If you have the choice to have the Exchange data in the SAN like we do then cool, but guess what I still have all Exchange going over the LAN cause the NT admin did not buy an xtra FC for it and a SSO, go figure, but hey it still works.

    Get a new Library, it will minimize the stress and speed up backup and restore times.