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11 years ago

Netbackup shared tape library configuration


I am very new to this forum.

Thanks all


We are configuring a environment in Netbackup.

Tape drives are all visible at OS level and drivers installed on all media servers  and SSO license on all media servers and also zoning is done from storage end.

We have 4 libraries and 10 media server and 1 master server.


  1. Now I want under robot section in GUI, i have all my 4 library to be shown (tld 0,tld1,tld2,tld3).currently it is not visible.
  2. i want all my drives in 4 libraries to be shared by all my media servers( it is a requirement).
  3. I know now I need to run the Device configuration wizard,but what are the steps for this.


Please help .




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  • The wizard would normally do this for you  - have they not been created?

    If not just right click on the Storage Units section - select new - and create one for each media server, for each robot (they will appear in the drop down sections) and ensure you put in the correct number of drives and multiplexing level required

    That should be all you need to do

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