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4 years ago

Netbackup SQL Error Instance and job


I register one instance with account bkp (sysadmin), but when i select "ok", the following error appears:

Status code 61: credential validation could not be performed due to an internal error. Error code: domain\bkp error message(1)

When i select the option "use credentials that are defined locally on the client", "ok" work fine.

But the job backup fail with the error code (5402) OS Authentication error - Could not connect to the database. Please check the OS credentials.

The bkp credential SQL work fine I can connect to the instance with sql studio without problems.

Master server Linux, version 8.1.1

Client Windonws, SQL Server 13.0.5026.0, netbackup version 8.1.1




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  • Is that bkp account a local admin at the OS level too? Are the three NetBackup services running as bkp already ?