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7 years ago

NetBackup unable to detect TD and Robot


Rebooting the tape library.


1. NB Devices\Robot - not robot. Add New Robot - error "No robotic libraries were found on this device on this device host".

2. NB Devices\Drives - 4 tape drive of 8. Add New Tape Drive - error "No compatible device is registered at there SCSI coordinate(51)"

3. In Device manager "Medium changer" not type and tape drive - 4 of 8.


Rebooting the tape library and server. Installed the new drivers for TS3500 - IBMTape.x64_w08. Deleting "phantom" device and restart server.

tpautoconf -a - 4 tape drive of 8

robtest NameRobot - usage: robtest

I have tried using the "Configure Storage Wizard" but just finds only 4 tape drives. Many thanks in advance for any help.

Windows 2008 R2, TS3500, fibre

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  • If tpautoconf -a sees only 4 tape drive of 8, then you have a problem with OS connectivity to tape drives. 
    tpautoconf will only list drives that are responding to scsi-command.

    Also, if Windows Device Manager only sees 4 drives, (In Device manager ..... tape drive - 4 of 8.) then the issue is 100% with connectivity between OS, host hba(s) and devices. 

    Check physical connections and zoning.


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        You need to troubleshoot at OS and hardware level.

        Nothing we can do from NetBackup point of view. 

        Only proceed when all drives are visible in Windows Device Manager and when drives are listed in tpautoconf and/or scan output.