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10 years ago

Netbackup Windows code 156

Hello,   We have Windows client that is constantly getting the dreaded 156 error when I click on the details I see these type errors.   WRN – Snapshot Error while opening directory: GLOBA...
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    10 years ago

    It sounds as if backup is actually writing but fails later on with status 156?

    If that is the case, then you need to check comms between client and the master server.
    The client needs to update snapshot info that is located on the master server.
    This info seems to be updated at the end of the backup, not the beginning.
    bpfis log will confirm.

    2 possible solutions:

    1. Check that Client has correct Server entry for Master (not just a server) and that connectivity works in both directions (forward and reverse name lookup as well as port connectivity).
    2. In Host Properties -> Master -> Client Attributes, add/select client name.
    In Windows Open File Backup tab, for Snapshot error control, select Disable snapshot and continue.
    The default is Abort.

    My own experience with status 156 :


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    10 years ago

    In addition to the very good advice above there is also this blog

    Which I have used a lot to troubleshoot different VSS errors.

    Have often found the problem to be a too small shadow area, unfortunately this does not always gives event log entries.

    Another problem I have seen is big open files like a running SQL server dump

    Hope this helps


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    10 years ago
    On which drive the backup is getting failed. If you are using ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES as backup selection then try to run it in multiple stream. It will give you the info about failure and please upload the bpbkar log with high verbosity. It should be generated if created on correct log path
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    10 years ago
    Best to fix comms issue between client and master. bpfis log on the client will tell if there are genuine issues with snapshot. I agree with above post - if you have ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES in Backup Selection, select Allow multiple data streams in Attributes. But only do so before next Full backup. You will need to troubleshoot issues with System State backup. Verbose bpbkar log will help. Unsuccessful System State backup will cause inability to perform full system restore. Since we now know that comms issue with master server is causing status 156, it will be best to close off this discussion and start a new one for System State backup. We will need bpbkar log (as .txt).