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8 years ago

Netbackup/VMware Integration

Hi Guys,


I am hoping someone can help me understand what can be offered with a Netbackup solution for a VMware environment. If we assume the following:

- VMware cluster of 10 nodes in a cluster consisting of the latest version of ESXi

- A VCSA Appliance managing the above cluster of 10 ESXi nodes. The VCSA is virtualised and also hosted on the cluster in the above point

- Approx 200 Virtual Machines running on the cluster of 10 ESXi nodes managed by the mentioned VCSA

- We can purchase whatever is needed in terms of Netbackup to offer a Backup and Restore solution


So, my questions primarily revolve around the VCSA Appliance:


- How critical is the VCSA in this solution for backing up and restoring the 200 VMs in this environment?

- What happens if the VCSA is down? Does this mean all 200 VMs will not backup or be restorable until the VCSA is back?

- How will I backup the VCSA given its an appliance?

- What happens if my VCSA becomes corrupted (or someone just deletes it!)? Is it possible to restore the VCSA from the last clean successfull backup directly back to one of the 10 ESXi hosts in the cluster (even though there is no vCenter anymore)? Obviously during this restore there is no vCenter available, as thats what has failed and needs recovery....


Any direction would be much appreciated.

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