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16 years ago

Newbie in NetBackup

Hi all, im new to Netbackup but regularly using TSM. I would like to learn and explore about Netbackup. Currently I have able to install the master and client v6.5 and to perform backup and restore file via LAN. Does anyone here can directing me to a resource for learning Netbackup, like tutorial or something like step-by-step guidance. I have also few questions about Netbackup:


1. Does Netbackup has an administrative command line console ?

2. How to show activity log in Netbackup server ?



Best Regards,


Martin Panggabean

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  • Hi Martin,


    The best advice I can offer is to read the documentation.  Start with the Release Notes, move to the Install Guide, and then hit the Admin Guides and Commands Guide when/if you get stuck.  Or ask specific questions here.  :)


    The 6.5 documentation can be found at:


    To your questions:


    1. You REALLY want to get comfortable with the GUI, but we do have a menu-driven interface.  To launch it, the command is bpadm and it can be found in bin subdirectory of your NetBackup directory.  (Depending on if you're Windows or UNIX, those are different paths.)


    2. The command line equivalent of the GUI's Activity Monitor is bpdbjobs -report - you'll want to go into the admincmd subdirectory which is ALSO in bin to find that one.  (I believe this is what you're asking for?)


    Good luck!  Ask around - NetBackup is a heck of a program!  ;-)