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16 years ago

NOM 6.5.3 failures

I am trying desperately to get NOM 6.5.3 to work on ANY supported platform. I am running Netbackup on a Solaris 10 server and have no problems with the base product, or the Java console application.


On Windows XP SP3 - I am able to sign on to the NOM web console, but I have the following problems:


Alerts never work. NOM creates the alert, but never sends it.

Jobs information updates sporadically even though I have auto refresh on. THe Active/Queued activity NEVER shows, only the historical.


Media servers don't show even though media information does and is correct.


No services show at all.



On Solaris 10 -

Cannot get VRTSNOMD to run, even though authentication is installed Root+Broker.


Driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.


Mike Morgan - USDOC - MCSA/Messaging 



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