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8 years ago

OPS center migration from virtual to physical

Hi Friends,

I have  a couple of question related to ops center migration, can anybody give a best suggestion.

1). We want to change our ops centre from Hyper-v Server to physical server which is already a netbackup master and media server. Is there any problem or dependancy during this process. How we can ensure ops center database and other data will be avaialable on the new location.

2). we have two datacentres each individual dc is having a netbackup server and we want to add both netbackup servers into a single opscenter(adding one netbackup master server to already existed ops center which is already having a master server). how we can acheive this and how we can ensure old database data after migration.

please give us suggestion for availability and possibilities for the above tasks.

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  • 1) Don't install opscenter on the master server, the two sybase databases can't coexist as far as I know

    2) Run the dbbackup script on the original  OpsCenter server, install same version of OpsCenter on the new server, run dbbackup with the restore option, correct the OpsCenter Server on the master servers. If you want to merge two OpsCenter databases you will have to contact Veritas.

  • Agree with Michael  - do not install OpsCenter on a master server.

    Use another new machine, since your OpsCenter will be monitoring 1 more master server, that is better reason to get a dedicated one to avoid system resource contention.

    Michael has also given you the steps. My additional point is:

    - Say your Opscenter are now A & B, if you don't care about the historical data of B, you don't have to merge the database of B into A. Just migrate the DB of A to a new machine (C), then add the other master server into C, they will start collecting data from both. You can keep B active, just disable the data collection to access those historical data.


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      Have OpsCenter installed on Windows or Linux Master in mid-size environments with no ill effects. No problem with databases on same server.  In large environments I could see it lead to resource contention.