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14 years ago

Optimized synthetic backups for deduplication + Data Life Cycle Polices?

I have started testing the NetBackup 7 Deduplication feature. So during my testing I started thinking it may be good idea to combine Deduplication with Synthetic backups for our remote servers on the WAN.

Then I started thinking it may be a good idea to add a storage life cycle policy for a "Disk to Disk To Tape" solution. So I have a 3 test serves backing up over the WAN to a Deduplication Pool now, and then have a life cycle policy to send it to tape.

The retention on the Dedup storage life cycle policy is set for one month. My thinking here is that 80%-90% of all restores will be from within the last month. That will give us enough of a life on the disk for restores, and because the images are basically staged to tape we can still keep with our policy of off-site storage of all data. And the storage life cycle policy can prevent the Dedup storage from filling up. Since all data will be copied to tape, it will not matter if the Dedupe storage unit gets nuked for some reason.

So has anyone ever combined all 3 of these things together?

Deduplication + Optimized Synthetic Backups + Storrage Life Cycle Polices

If you have how is it working? Do you think there is much advantage of adding Synthetic backups to the mix?


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  • ET 2139668

    - EEB that allows SLP to duplicate Synthetic backups 

    I'm waiting for this EEB's from support, so havn't tested them yet.

    (Case 413-808-386 (Synthetic backup is not being duplicated via SLP...)

  • Yes for some reason Storage Life Cycle Polices are not working for a Synthetic Backup. It looks like multiplexing may not work either, which can tie up our production tape drives too long.