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7 years ago

OST upgrade


I need to upgrade OST plugin on Linux Media servers 7.7.2 because we have Data Domain OS upgrade lined up. Current OST version is 2.6.x and plan is to upgrade it to As per DD Documentation i just need to stop NBU service on media server and install OST binaries and it will overwrite old OST binaries. My question is do i need to make any other change in NBU or DD for upgrading OST plugin and making it work except stopping NBU services and simply installing OST binaries?

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  • Once you've stopped the services, upgraded the OST plugin and then restarted the services on the media server(s) you may need to go into the Admin Console to 'Media and Device Management'->'Devices'->'Disk Pools' and then right click the OST disk pool(s) that you upgraded and click 'update disk volume'.

    That isn't always required but I have seen backups fail after an OST upgrade until that is done.