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11 years ago

Performance Tuning and Deduplication % from the real world

I have been doing few gigs on NetBackup 7.6 upgrades, I really like pre-checker which checks for ulimit, minimum sephamores setting for better performance. I used to refer Performance Tuning guide regularly as guide, I would like see few of following real world examples what you have been seeing. As industry SME I know, performance tuning is subject to the enviorment, specific to OS, RAM, NIC, number of clients, type of data you backup. Still would like to open for your ideas and comments on this topic.

I have configured 4 Different Windows 2012 based Media server with MSDP pool, I have been noticing following Deduplication %.

For MS-SQL  around 70-98% Deduplication

NDMP  Backups 70-80% Deuplication

MS-Exchange GRT Backups 30-60%, I have devided all DB into multiple GRT enabled Policies writing to one of the four Media Servers.

Windows OS/System State 99% Deduplication.

VMWare, TBD I'm going to test backup soon, waiting on Zoning LUNS to the Media server.


On all 4 Media servers I have set 40 as Maximum concorrent jobs. I have SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS and NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS for both Tape and DISK separately. I have tuned emm/nbrb settings, By the way, I really like MSDP performce on NetBackup

I refered folowing great document on tuning guideline... 

Please share your experience and best practices you've been impleting :)