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8 years ago

Problem backup with Oracle 11 on Oracle Linux

Hello Everybody

My Oracle 11g XE backup online police is not working. It show me the error:

10:56:53.010 [25062.25062] <16> check_database_state: NBBrowseEngine call failed. Status: 114
10:56:53.010 [25062.25062] <16> main bpdbsbora: Error while checking the database state
10:56:53.012 [25062.25062] <4> main bpdbsbora: Exited with status <1>

My Netbackup is 773 and the client is a linux server (Oracle Linux 68).

Is there any firewall port to config?

Thanks for now

Alexandre Andrich


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  • Port 1556 between client and master and client and media server should be sufficient.

    Remember to disable Linux OS firewall (iptables).
  • Hello,

    The bpdbsbora log on client server may help you to troubleshoot the issue.

    If you want help to review the log then please share failed date bpdbsbora log file.


    • Think some of the problem stems from that is an Oracle XE, which does not have rman installed as default as far as I remember.

      Think you can copy the rman things over from an enterprise edition and get the backup to work