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  • Use these steps to eject tapes:

    • To eject, select media in the GUI (use Ctrl to select multipe tapes).
    • Right click, In the popup menu, select “Eject Volume From Robot” 
    • After a short while NetBackup will complete the eject pre-checks.
    • Click “Eject”.
    • Wait for the next pop up.
    • Click “Yes” to continue.
    • You can now go to the Library and remove the tapes from the mailslot/ MAP.
    • NB: Only reply “Yes” once you have removed the tapes from the cap.
      If you click "Yes" before removing tapes, NBU will return the tapes back to their original slots.
  • This frequently catches people out as the GUI is not as intuitive as it could be & the pop-up box covers the eject media window & defaults to 'Yes'.

    You either follow Mariannes suggestion to the letter - but don't leave it too long on the pop-up box as there certainly used to be a timeout on this after which it accepts the defaulted yes automatically & will return the media from the MAP to the library.

    The alternative would be to say "No" to the continue, the library contents are effectively updated with the removals & you can remove the media from the MAP at your leisure (unless there is some automatic re-insert on your library!)

  • Andy is 100% correct.


    As of NetBackup version 7.x, there is now a timeout of 300 seconds on an eject which gives 5 minutes to remove tapes from the Media Access Port, otherwise a timeout error is generated.

    You can increase this timeout if the robot is more than 5 minutes away...

  • netbackup showing media is not in lib after ejection but in MAP i am not seeing any tape.