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11 years ago

Probleme mit LTO/5 IBM Drives


Hab gerade bei der IBM & Symantec ein Ticket, weil ich keine NDMP Restores mehr machen kann.

Beim Restore kommt die Meldung das das Archiv auf dem Tape nicht gefunden wird.

Alle anderen Daten kann ich restoren!

Wenn ich nun eine ältere Firmware auf die LTO/5 Drives einspiele, klappen auch die NDMP Restores wieder.

Hat jemand von Euch ähnliche Probleme mit der IBM?


Ich verwende zwei TS3500 Lib's mit 3588F5A LTO/5 Drives.

DriveCode D2D0 geht nicht / DriveCode BBNE klappt.


Außerdem will die IBM das ich spezielle FCAL Treiber von der IBM verwende.


Bin über jede Info dankbar.

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    Have a ticket because I can not make any NDMP restores more precisely at IBM and Symantec. 
    During the restore, the message comes that the archive is not found on the tape. 
    All other data can I restoren! 
    If I have an older firmware einspiele on the LTO / 5 drives, the NDMP restores work again. 
    Have any of you had similar problems with IBM? 
    I use two TS3500 Lib's with 3588F5A LTO / 5 Drives. 
    Drivecode D2D0 is not / works Drivecode BBNE. 
    In addition, IBM will I use special FCAL driver from IBM. 
    Am about any info appreciated.
  • I'm not too sure what extra informtion we can give you.

    Yes, sometimes there are problems with tape drive firmware, and in the past it has been seen that these problems have caused different types of symptoms.  

    It would appear that there is an issue with the firmware you mention, as a previous version works - I would recommend you report this to IBM and see what they say, clearly they have changed something.

    Someties NBU engineering can provide EEBs to work around such an issue, but t would depend on if it is possible to workaround, but this would not be done is all cases - it is primarily the responsibility of IBM to fix.

  • It seems that Martin (mph999) should have received the Solution....