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9 years ago

query on WOFB

Hi All,

I need your help in understanding how the WOFB works if we enable that option in the Client Attributes, as per my understanding an VSS snapshot is created before we start the backup(please correct me if I am wrong), if so where those snap shots will be stored ?.

I do see the shadow copies option is disabled on the server's local drives. I am just little bit confussed on the Shadow copies on the drives and the VSS snapshots. Please let me know whether they are related to each other. some time I was told by co- worker increasing the shadow copies space will fix the backup problem.

  • You are on the right track.

    Read this:



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  • You are on the right track.

    Read this:



  • WOFB is described in detail in NBU Admin Guide I. Please tell us about your 'backup problem'?
  • Please read

  • Hi Marianne, 

    I have a server where it have four drives the server have SQL DB in one of the drives, we started getting complaints that the shadow copies created by Netbackup causing the I/O problem for the SQL.

    but while checking I found all the shadow copies are disabled on the four drives and 0 bytes used. so I wanna to make clear that WOFB does not causes this problem.

  • Have you excluded SQL file extensions from normal MS-Windows policy?
  • All three typical exclusions for servers hosting MS SQL?