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5 years ago

Regarding Netbackup client software installation


This is to inform you that ,I am installing symantec netbackup client 7.6 software in win server 2008 R2.

But there is showing client server is not connect to media server.

NB- I have using latest Symantec client netbackup 8.0.

Herewith Screenshot also.

Kindly look into this matter.



Anjani Kumar




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  • Why do you say version 7.6 and then version 8.0?
    Which OS and NBU on the master/media server?
    Why are you using IP address and not hostname?
    Can you ping the master server using hostname?
    Is Windows firewall disabled or else allowing comms on port 1556?
  • >client server is not connect to media server.

    1) Did you specify media server's ip-address instead of master-server?

    2) Have you checked if NBU services' ports on the master-server are available and the clinet is able to connect to them?