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11 years ago

Replicate full backups to remote site


I have a NBU 7.5 server at my main site running Accelerator and MSDP - doing Full and incr backups. I'd also like to replicate the full backups (2-3 times a months for example) to a remote site. What is the best solution for this? As far as I know it's not possible to add another MSDP server (as you can only have one volume in the environment?).

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  • try AIR, by using same type of storage eg MSDP at remote site.

    here u have to use SLP's to implement AIR.


  • Thanks for the quick reply. Can AIR use the Accelerator feature, so the data that's being replicated is like a incremental backup in size?

    Also, is there any way to have more than 64TB in the MSDP store?

  • You can most certainly have more than one MSDP in the same environment - one MSDP pool per media server.

    No - 64TB is the limit per MSDP pool.

    Accelerator is used during backup. 

    Duplication via AIR or within same environment between media servers does 'Optimized duplication', meaning only changed blocks are replicated.

    AIR FAQ:

    More documentation:

    NetBackup Deduplication Guide

    NBU Deduplication: Additional Info