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3 years ago

Replication between HPE storeonce and Netbackup

Hi guys,

Does anyone knows if is possible or are there any limitations configuring AIR between different manufacturers?

My point is to replicate from site A to site B. On-site A we have an HPE StoreOnce and on-site B we are planning to use Netbackup Appliance.

Does one have experiences or comments about this?

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  • Hi AndresV 

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but AIR is only possible between like OST devices. So the situation you are plaaning cannot work. 

    For AIR between MSDP devices, any MSDP will work (so BYO or appliance and even MSDP-cloud - with some restrictions on tiering with MSDP-cloud). 


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      Hi David,

      We will use the Catalyst plugin so I think HPE Storeonce will be an OST Storage, am I right?

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        Hi AndresV 

        OST can also be considered as the storage server type. So yes HPE StoreOnce plugin is the OST type "hp-StoreOnceCatalyst", while MSDP is the OST type "PureDisk".