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  • is there a way to include the job that missed schedule in a report or in opscenter ?

  • Will - Am I right in thinking that if someone accidentally deletes a client from a policy, then you'll never know whether it was missed or not.  i.e. that particular OpsCenter report doesn't report what used to be backed-up and what is longer backed-up, nor does it include clients that live in a policy with either no schedule or schedules with no run window... i.e. that report only lists client which exist in active policies with schedules that have a run windows and thus only those clients which should have been backed-up but weren't?

    What I'm trying to allude to is... if a client doesn't reside in an active policy with open run windows, then it is not checked to see whether it ran or not - by that report?  True?

  • If my "guesses" as to the scope of that particular OpsCenter report are true... then the only way I can think of spotting "missing clients", is the way that we used to it (and some of us still do)... is... script it... to take a policy list once a week, compare to previous week, and spot clients no longer present.  i.e. if a client has been removed, and you don't already know why, then said "recently missing" client is potential candidate of accidental deletion.

    In fact - if my guess about that OpsCenter report is true, then... there's still a "gap"... in so far as... neither will spot the clients in polcies without schedules, or clients in policies with schedules with no run window.  i.e. OpsCenter will see an inactive policy, or a policy with no schedules, or a policy with schedules with no run window - and so determines/assumes that the client shoud not have run anyway and so doesn't report it, and to the script the client still exists (compared to last week).

    Hmmm.  What do we do about such clients?  I think we need to determine what that report actually definitely covers/reports.