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8 years ago

Rerunning Oracle backup policy


I have 1 oracle polciy with 1 client and multiple rman script in the backup selection, because the server has many database in it. instead of one Policy for one DB, we configured in this way.....

here is my question:

if i want start backup of any one of the DB script from netbackup how to start? there any option in command line?

we are using Netbackup version 7.7.1

Note: i dont want to create newpolicy or initiate the script from client end....i want to start netbackup master through command line or GUI.

Please share you tips



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  • from the DB host, you can run the RMAN script as root/oracle and run the backups.

    I have a crontab script that runs every 30 minutes and checks archive logs, and run the archive log backup if the filesystem is 50% full. We often have DBA run the script manually to test.

    You can easily copy a policy and delete the extra scripts from the selection to run just one backup, please run 

    "nbpemreq -updatepolicies"  or wait 10 minutes so the policy change percolates through...

    Interestingly, ANY oracle policy can call the script, and it will actually use the policy named in the RMAN .sh & .rcv files, you can run policy1 and if the value is policy, it will use storage assigned in policy and child jobs will show in activity as policy...



  • There is no way to kick off a policy and specify/select only certain item(s) in Backup Selection.

    You know the answer already - one script per policy or run script on the client.
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      as Charles noted, it is better to use Oracle Intelligent policies for this task. Then you can have more instances in one policy and you are able to choose only subset of them for a manual backup.