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  • You need to explain what you are doing in more detail.

    Are you meaning that you have a restore that has been running for 5 days ?

    If so, we need to know some details, first;y, how big (approx ) is the backup, how long did it take to backup.

    What does activity monitor show for the job, is it actually progressing, of has it stopped ?


  • Check logs under below mentioned directory :-

    Windows :- C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\logs\user_ops\username\logs

    for unix :- /usr/openv/netbackup\logs\user_ops\username\logs

    if the restore was initiated from the client, otherwise we find them on the Master server under

  • user_ops logs are kept for 3 days. This can be changed in Host Properties -> Client settings.

    All restores are also logged in bprd log on the master server (if the folder exists). This log is by default kept for 28 days.

  • my question is let suppose somebody run a restore  of client X and i am not aware of that. Now after 10days or more if i have to confirm have any restore run for client X then how i can confirm that.

    or if 2-3 restore run then which file system restored in each restore.

  • Have you seen my post above?

    That all restores are logged in bprd on the master server?

    bprd log does not exist by default. NBU needs to be restarted after bprd log is created.

  • Do you use opscenter ?  If you have it setup, there is a report that you can run for that information.  This is especially useful if you have the default log cleanup settings and they are gone on the server.