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8 years ago

Restore backup from different netbackup environment without using the 2 phase import process

We have 2 different netbackup environment. Now the other site sends the tapes that contains the catalog backup, the DR catalog file and other tapes that contains other backups.

They want the contents of the tapes to be readily available for restore from the other site. I've tried doing the 2 phase import process but it's taking time to import all backup images from the other site. Is there a quick way around this using the catlaog backup and DR catalog file? please note the those 2 sites have different master server name and no replication is setup between them.

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  • You only have two options:

    a) Import (phase 1 and phase 2).

    b) Full catalog DR recovery which will completely overwrite the original catalog.

    i.e. there is no normal customer supported way of "merging" a catalog, or portions thereof, from one NetBackup domain to another.

    ....but there could be a third option...

    c) Do you have MSDP?  If yes, then why not configure AIR between the two NetBackup domains, and have the tapes written at both sites?  (whilst quite easy to just implement, this might have some serious implications for "capacity management" and resource usage especially for WAN network bandwidth). 

  • I don't have access to documentation right now, so please Google for:
    NetBackup Recovery Without Import.
    Check that you use the version for NBU 7.5 and later.
  • jguansing - it's an interesting question.  I might have time, but no promises, to test and document an example of this for you.  But...

    ...I need to know:

    i) primary master - O/S type and version, and NetBackup version.

    ii) secondary master - O/S type and version, and NetBackup version.