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4 years ago

Restore Client not in Domain


does anybody know if it is possible to connect a client to my masterserver and restore a backup to it if this client is NOT in the domain? 

So we could just restore a whole server without first to put the client into the domain.

Master: Windows 2016 NB 8.1.2



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  • Your client will require the master server CA vertificate and client certificate to enable any NetBackup communications to occur. So the client needs to be added to the domain - it does not require a backup policy but does need to be added. If you don't create a policy, you will also probably need to create a token to enable the certificate to be created and added for the client.

    If I've misunderstood and you mean Windows domain, then no there is no requirement for a client to be part of the Windows domain. 

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      Futher to my previous reply - if you installed NetBackup 8.0 client software (or lower), then you could avoid the requirement for certificates - thus keeping the client off the NetBackup domain.

      I kind of depends on what you are restoring whether this would work (but for a standard backup MS-Windows you should be okay). 

  • Curious about "restore a whole server".

    BMR restore?
    Or restore failed server from ALL_LOCAL_DRIVE backup?
    Or clone a server?

  • Hello,

    Could you please share information asked by Marianne? The solution may differ based on your input.


    • Hi and thanks for the answers / questions.

      No BMR, we install Windows on a client and the NB Client to restore a Server.
      So its a restore from All local Drives.

      Windows Domain, active directory.

      Bckup Policy and client added to this is not a problem. We only have one masterserver so only one NB-Domain.
      My question is targeting towards the ability to restore a "fresh" Windows Server only by installing the OS and a NB-Client and not adding this server to a windows-domain.



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        Please have a look at this article:

        Although it was updated earlier this year, the doc is quite old and does NOT cover information about security certificates.

        Note that this method is intended for disaster recovery - same hostname, same (or near identical) hardware.

        To perform a successful restore to a machine with dissimilar hardware Veritas recommends the use of Netbackup Bare Metal Restore or Veritas System Recovery.