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Restore from tape and disk

Hi all ;

Currently i configured a policy with 2 schedules , full backup to Disk and full backup to tape library . i couldn't make multiple copy for this policy as the tape and disk not on the same media server.

the question here how can i specify Netbackup to restore from tape or disk whether this policy type is standard FS or oracle.





  • this TechNote explines how to configure DSSU

    with this DSSU you can eliminate the 2 schedule full Backup..

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  • Your current configuration of two schedules will result in two separate backups (sometimes referred to as 'backup images' or 'backup IDs').  Now, because each backup has only one copy, therefore each of these 'single copies' is therefore a 'primary copy'.  Restores only ever occur from the 'primary' copy.

    Because you tried to configure a schedule with two targets, this implies that you would like to have one backup, but two copies of this backup.  The best way to achieve this is to use an SLP (Storage Lifecycle Policy) containing two stages; the first being a backup stage, and the second being a duplication stage.  This will result in one 'backup image', but having two copies - one on disk, and one tape.  You use the SLP name as the target storage in the 'storage unit selection' of a policy or schedule.

    When you create your SLP you will have the option of selecting which 'copy' is the primary copy.  usually this would be the copy on disk, because tapes are usually ejected and vaulted somewhere.  And so, when a restore request is received, NetBackup will go for the 'primary copy', which is the copy on disk.

    If you choose a short retention (say 2 weeks) for the disk copy, and a longer rentention (say 3 months) for the tape copy - then when the disk copy (currently the primary) expires, then NetBackup will mark teh second copy as the new 'primary copy'.

    You can also manually control which copy is the 'primary copy' using the admin GUI - but only for backup images which are 'SLP complete' - i.e. only for backup images where all SLP duplication and/or replication stages are complete.


  • are you using the basic disk storage unit?

    you can still make the duplication even the Disk stu and tape STU are conifgured in different media servers..


    and about the restore, when you are doing the FS restore, you will have an option to browse the images and select., based on the image you selected, it will get restore from tape or disk considering the image location.

    however image history in restore window does not have the schedule name, so if both your scheudles in same policy its deficult to select.. unless you work it out based on the backup time.

    better to go with different policy names.. in this apporach..


    however I recomment you to go with Duplication.. you no need to disturb the client 2 times for same data backup.. which involves the network load , client process load, and media server load.. etc... 

  • unfortunately we don't have Advanced Disk option license for Storage Lifecycle policy.

    is there is another option?

    if i implement the retention of the disk to 1 month and of tape to 3 months , then the restore within the first month will be from the disk and within the 2 m onth later will be from the tape ?





  • Yes, use a DSSU, instead of a DSU.

    Yes, as long as the disk copy remains the primary copy.  But, take heed of Ram's comments below... surely you want to avoid stressing the client twice.

  • Hi nagalla ;

    yes iam using basic disk STU. could you please describe me how can i make duplication .



  • There are two types of 'Basic Disk' - one is DSU (which you seem to have configured) and the other is a DSSU - both are types of Basic Disk.

    DSSU = Disk Storage Staging Unit - or maybe it's... Disk Staging Storage Unit.  Hmm.

    Basically, if configured correctly, it will fire off duplications for you.

    The 'admin guide' describes it best.

  • this TechNote explines how to configure DSSU

    with this DSSU you can eliminate the 2 schedule full Backup..

  • thanks all ;

    really appreciated your Help.




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