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4 years ago

Restore is failing with error code 2820

Hello Guys, 

I am trying to restore VM backup .This VM backup was taken when VM was powered-off.

Now i am trying to restore this backup to its original location and getting the error code 2820.

Restore job logs are attached too. if anybody can help or guide ?

  • Hello Guys,

    Thanks for your inputs and suggestions.

    Below is the resolution to this case:-

    1. Veritas support suggested that there is an emergency engineering binary (EEB) to be applied on Netbackup version to get the desired vTPM enabled VM backup and restore.
    2. The advised EEB is to be applied only on version to support vTPM enabled VM on vcenter 7.0.U1.This required EEB can be obtained from veritas technical support .
    3. Upgraded master server from 8.3 to successfully.
    4. EEB (ebinstaller_4014637_1_linuxR_x86_2_6_32-210122160951) was applied successfully to backup/restore/vmware access host after master server version upgrade.
    5. Triggered the full vm recovery of the deleted vm and restore was successful.


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  • Mack_Disouza 

    Are you trying to restore full vm or some files to same vm ?

    Also mention... whats the NetBackup version you have

    NetBackup Master and OS

    NetBackup Media and OS

    NB version on Backup Host  and OS


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      Hello Pats,

      I am trying to restore a full vm to the original location as the individual files required the NB agent to be installed and as i said earlier,I've taken the backup when it was in powered-off state.

      The netbackup master is media server and vmware access host too.

      Netbackup master : OS --> Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.4 (Maipo).

      Netbackup master version :--> build:0042

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        Can you show us screenshots of the entire restore process? From the very 1st screen where you select the restore type, please.

        The restore log looks like NBU is trying to connect to the client. This should not happen with a full VM restore.