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15 years ago

RESTORES: Do CNAMES act differently than Virtual IPs in NetBackup?

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Restore of data to a CNAME that is used for a backup just fine.
Restore fails with an exit status 210.
Restore of same data to physical host name (full DNS entry).
Restore is successful.

Physical host is the host for the CNAME.


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  • Netbackup out of the box only accept authorized DNS answers when restoring - That mean A records. CNAMES don't work (for restores).

    I haven't tested this but I guess if you set REVERSE_NAME_LOOKUP = PROHIBITED in bp.conf on master and client, CNAME's may work

    Quote form 6.5.3 release notes:

     Reverse Host Name Lookup
      The domain name system (DNS) reverse host name lookup is used to determine
      what host and domain name are indicated by a given IP address. In previous
      releases, NetBackup required that reverse host name lookup was working to
      determine that a connection to a host came from a recognizable server.

      Some administrators cannot or do not want to configure their DNS server for
      reverse host name lookup. For these environments, NetBackup now allows the
      configuration of Reverse Host Name Lookup as a master server, media server,
      or client host property in order to allow, restrict, or prohibit reverse host
      name lookup.

     Tech note on how to set REVERSE_NAME_LOOKUP  (win and UNIX) ::