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4 years ago

Robot with different LTO drives

Hello All,

  I have a NetBackup instance (8.2, single master/media server) with a Spectra Logic T120 library assigned to it.  The library has two LTO 6 and one LTO 7 drives in it.  I'm struggling with how to assign the different media to the drives so a LTO 7 tape doesn't end up trying to be put in an LTO 6 drive. There is currently one volume group that contains all three drives and 22 volume pools.  I've looked through a number of articles and couldn't find anything that addressed what I'm asking.  The only article that came close was one that described using different bar code rules to assign the media.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • The drive & media type designators "hcart", "hcart2", and "hcart3" are what you want. hcart drives will only mount hcart tapes, hcart2 drives will only mount hcart2 tapes, etc. 

  • NBU will by default assign different densities to tape drives.

    The default (if memory serves me right) is hcart3 for LTO6 and hcart for LTO7.

    You then need to ensure that media for each drive type have matching densities.

    Best to have a different barcode range for each media type.
    The labels should start with different number or letter in order to add barcode rules. Or just have something unique in the beginning of the label.
    Barcode rules will ensure that media is added with correct density that matches the drive density.
    Unfortunately it is not possible to assign barcode rules based on the L6 or L7 at the end.