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8 years ago

Save tapes

Hello. After virus, we have lost much of configuration files of NetBackup and disk storages. Now after disaster recovery catalog I have access to data on tapes.

I want to reinstall master and media servers, with lost of all configuration and disc storages.

But I want to save info on tapes on future installed NetBackup! Is it possible? How to do this?



  • Catalog backup contains ALL image, policy, clients, media, devices, storage units, etc info.
    There is no way where you can select only certain info to restore ( e.g images and no policies).

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  • Did you have a Catalog backup configured ?  This is how NetBackup save it's config and all the catalog information.

    If not, then you need to do this.  There is a catalog policy wizard that can set this up for you.  You need to be sure to schedule it to run daily.


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      Not unederstand your answer. Im wrote that im already restore netbackup with disaster recovery catalog and restore some data.
      Now i want to fully reinstall netbackup but with saving data on tapes
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        if you rebuild your master, and restore your catalog - which you say you have done, you are on the right track, go ahead and rebuild your environment, the tape and data should have been restored with the catalog.