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7 years ago

Scratch Pool

I'm not aware what is scratch pool mean until I hit this  feature in other backup software. Upon checking, empty tapes were kept on the same pool after data expiration. Is it possible to change this...
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    7 years ago

    That is correct and commonly used by backup admins. (Also described in NBU Admin Guide I.)

    Scratch pool does not exist by default in NBU. It needs to be created and marked with 'scratch' attribute.

    Tapes will be returned to scratch if they came from the scratch pool before being changed to a backup pool.

    So, it you did not have a scratch pool from day 1, you will need to move expired (unassingned) tapes to the scratch pool as a once-off exercise. You will need to do this for some time on a daily basis until all unassigned tapes have been moved to the scratch pool once. 

    You can find NBU Admin Guide I for currently supported version in Handy NBU Links in my signature.
    There are also a number of Related topics on the right of the screen.

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    7 years ago

    Please also check the Netbackup setting "RETURN_UNASSIGNED_MEDIA_TO_SCRATCH_POOL" is set to yes

    How to check/verify the setting is described in the tech note below:"