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10 years ago

Script to execute the status of backups

Hi, I have a NB Master SunOS  5.10 , NB 7.1v I do not have Ops-Centre in my environment ,hence need to implement a script for the below requirement, 1) Need to get the backup status i.e., Su...
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    10 years ago

    It could be a bit convoluted as will require input from more than one source




    bperror -backstat -U (will detail all jobs over the last 24 hours & their status (for failed jobs this may be your only option?) - depending on your master settings this could potentially be only held for the last 3 days)

    bpimagelist could be used for more in-depth reporting of successful jobs re: size, retention, last successful etc (see example here for some idea(s): )

    Unless any of the canned reports are more what you're looking for in the Admin Console?