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6 years ago

Seeding Multiple active master servers

Is there a way to seed where you have a maste server on 4 offshore oil rigs that will eventually AIR to a 5240 Master on shore?

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  • We don't seed Master Servers, nor generally do we seed Media Servers.  What we can seed is an MSDP pool, which is a popular feature to deploy with a Media Server.  I think a read of some Google hits is your best start:



  • dkennard
    Please tell us more about the 4 x offshore masters.
    I guess we can assume that they all are master/media servers?
    Are they NBU Appliances or BYO master/media server with MSDP?

    And the 5240 Master/media server?
    Is this the only media server in the onshore environment, or are there more media servers? 

    There is a way to use USB/NAS disk as BasicDisk to seed backups, but a bit more challenging when using NBU Appliances.
    If we know more about the config at each site/master, then we may be able to figure out a way to get this method to work:


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      The long term goal is to use AIR to provide DR for each rig.
      Yes, these are BYO master/media servers.
      One per rig.
      Wondering, before turning on AIR, if we could seed each rig to the onshore 5240.
      Once that is done, then we can turn on AIR.
      Doesn't AIR give global dedup as well? Once the SLP imports the metadata into the catalog, the fingerprinted segment may or, may not be unique. If not unique. It gets discarded but the metadata remains right?
      Each rig has approx 25TB of FETB. Each has an LTE pipe except one using VSAT so, without seeding, these first full backups could take a month or more.
      Does that help?