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  • OK - don't bother with the "Retain snapshots for instant recovery" - you wont have that feature available Click the Options button by the snapshots and set it to use VSS from the drop down list Then try saving the policy again and see if it verifies Remember that you backup selection list is different for flash-backup - it will be \\.\U for the U drive
  • Your selection list is still wrong - see my earlier message - it should be a drive letter but you can sometimes get away with a directory in which case it should be:



    and not U:\StudentShare

  • when i go to the backup selection i just do a browse and select the directory. this is the way all my policies are setup.

  • Use this exact syntax:


    include the trailing colon.
    Now, the rules say you can specify a directory only if it is a mount point.  That is done within Windows, disk management (I think).  You can't do just a directory.

  • You can ONLY add StudentShare if it is a separate volume that is mounted on StudentShare folder.

    Extract from the manual (see Yasuhisa's post):

    11 On the Backup Selections tab, specify the drive letter or mounted volume

    (Windows) or the raw disk partition (UNIX) containing the files to back up.
    Windows examples:
    ■ \\.\E: is a Windows disk volume mounted on a drive letter.
    ■ \\.\E:\mounted_volume\ (note the trailing backslash) is a Windows disk
    volume without a drive letter mounted on a directory (Windows reparse point).
  • The others here are correct - I do have a customer using the path to as folder but that folder is a mount point and not just a folder

    I am assuming that you dont have that setup so can only use \\.\U:

  • One more thing - you also have 'Offhost backup' selected.

    Have you checked that the Array that you are using is supported for offhost backup?

    Do you have a fully mirrored lun than can be snapshot and mounted on the server?
    Can you use array tools to create the snapshot and mount it on the server?
    NBU needs to use the same utilities during the test and the backup.

    Maybe de-select the offhost option for now?