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8 years ago

Several tape libraries connect to one media server


In our datacenter, we have 4 tape libraries IBM TS3100 connect to the 4 different server. This 4 server main function are for ERP database server, but we also utilize it as media server. Can we simplify the netbackup architecture using only one dedicated media server?

So our future plan is one master server, one dedicated media server with 4 fc cards (using Linux or AIX) and connect the 4 libraries to this dedicated media server.

Is this configuration possible? Or is it any better reccomendation?



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  • One media server as control host for multiple robots is fine, but be careful with too many tape drives attached to a single server.
    Hardly any media server can stream more than 4 tape drives simultaneously. Media server resources (not only hba's) is normally the limiting factor. Including the NIC in the media server receiving client data.
  • Marianne is right, as always. 

    Frankly speaking I don't see any simplicity in adding one server that is single point of failure, requires suitable hardware, proper performance tuning and so on. On the other hand you'll save your time on maintenance tasks but nowadays NBU upgrade is extremely simple. I don't think it's worth thing to do or at least you need to calculate everything. But the configuration is possible.