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2 years ago

Single File Restore (SFR) from Cloud Backups

Hi Friends,

Today I'd like to introduce a new feature in Veritas Alta Data Protection, Single file restore from cloud backups.

Veritas realizes that as a backup administrator you need the ability to recovery a portion of a cloud backup rather than having to recover an entire data set.  Singe File Restore (SFR) from cloud backups gives you the power to restore single files, groups of files, single folders and groups of folders.

Figure 1:  Single File Restore (SFR) Solution Overview

Veritas now gives backup administrators the ability to open cloud backups taken from snapshots and perform single file, groups of files, single folders and groups of folders.  The following use cases are now supported:

  1. Linux to Linux
  2. Linux to Windows
  3. Windows to Windows
    1. ACL true = Restore will happen using the VHD.
    2. ACL false = Instant Access (IA) live mount will be used.
  4. Windows to Linux
    1. Source to Linux target Partial Recovery is supported by manually mounting IA on the target Linux machine.
    2. CIFS client libraries need to be installed on the target.

Setup of SFR requires no additional installation, but does have the following requirements:

  1. NetBackup and SnapManager must be on 10.2 or later.
  2. Target VM host agent should be upgraded to 10.2 or later.
  3. The cloud backup must be performed using a protection plan with Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) enabled.
  4. The target storge unit should be an MSDP storage server.
  5. The MSDP storage server should support instant access for the cloud backup and instant access should be enabled.
  6. Connectivity is required from the target cloud virtual machine to the MSDP storage server to allow for live mount access.
  7. If the target virtual machine is Windows, Samba credentials of the MSDP storage server must be added to the Windows credential manager.

Figure 2:  Single File Restore (SFR) new capability – Restore files and folders.


Figure 3:  Single File Restore (SFR) recover to original or different location.

Veritas NetBackup now gives administrators the ability to recover single or multiple files from a backup of a cloud snapshot, giving administrators more power and capability to backup and restore vital cloud resources.