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2 years ago

Slow backup / file transfer rates

Hi everyone - been a while since I visited VOX!

I have an odd situation - more odd as I am sure it isn't actually a backup related issue as such but hoping the wealth of experince on here may have an idea- what could be the cause.

One day, while some backups were running, a network switch failed and had a difficult failover.

After this failure the backups were incredibly slow .. but so was any sort of file transfer to the backup server or Master server.

However, my environment has 2 Master Servers (Windows) and 2 Media Servers (5250 Appliances) in seperate NBU domains (all running / so I tried a file copy to the other Master and it was normal speed - and a backup to the other media server was also normal speed.

The confusing thing is that both domains are in the same network with same IP range, all routes in either direction identical.

There is, from what I can see, absolutely nothing different between the Master or Media servers or their configuration .. likewise the 4 affected clients are from 3 different domains on 3 different VLANs using 3 different routes and setup identically. Another client just 1 IP address away backups up fine!

No firewalls as it is all on a dedicated backup LAN .. all should eb using the same switches etc etc.

So why would transfer be slow from client A to Master A and Media A but fast to Master B or Media A?

I am stumped - thanks for any pointers where to look and a Happy New Year to everyone!

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  • Off the cuff, I'd blame the network. =) You said the switch had a problematic failover, did the network team ever fix the issue ? Did they fail the switch back and forth to prove it works successfully now or just leave things on the new switch and called it fixed? Do the switches involved really truly have identical configurations, or does the switch you're on now have an old config that is messing you up ? Heck, maybe the switch config is perfect but the port on the current switch has a failing GBIC.

    Lots of possibilities.

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      Hi Mark_Solutions 

      I'm with jnardello on this one - sounds like a network issue. One thing to check is the network status on the appliances (Main Menu -> Network -> show status). This will show the link status and importantly speed. One the master look at the same info via the interface status.

      Also check the error rates for both the master and appliance. 


  • Yes, sounds like a network issue.

    Invite the network admin for coffee and make the person draw the network before after the switch failover. Also ask what else changed as part of the switch failover, e.g. routing of the network, uplinks capacity, etc.

    If you explain what issues you have after the network switch failover, and the network admin is just a little bit helpful, it shouldn't take long to narrow it down.


  • Thanks all - I suspected network too as it affected both the Windows Masters and 5250 Appliances ... plus all other backups (several thousand of them) are fine and it is just these 4 clients affected .. and then only to their original master and media server.

    I will keep plugging away and see if I can re-open the discussion with networks :smirking_face:ūü§¶‚Äć:male_sign:

    Thanks again - will update when (if) I get a solution.