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9 years ago

slowness in Media servers

After ther recent upgrade to from I observ slowness in AIX media servers which have 15 gigs of RAM. The backups which runs using these media servers runs with low throughputs and backups not progressing.

Any suggestion for this ?.

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  • When you do a "top" or process check, what are the processes that consume most RAM or CPU?

    There is a known issue about telemetry data causing performance issue (telemetry is something new in NB7.6). Check this out:

    Using the workaround in this technote is fine (renaming the binary), but it's better to put this line in your bp.conf and restart NBU:


    Btw, this issue is not limited to AIX only, I have got the same issue in one of my RHEL master few weeks ago.

  • Thansks Watsons ,I just followed the work arround by setting up a cron tab for SLIB clean though it seems reduce in the spaces but the CPU utlization remains high.

  • Been a while since I worked with AIX, but there was some technotes regarding the netcard/tcp settings on AIX which could improve throughput

    Also I would check if there wass changes in the recommended kernel tunables

    Know there has been a problem with deduplication on certain TLs on AIX

    If you are running these media servers as powerVMs also check the VIO server(s) under load with something like viosadvisor


  • Have you tried renaming those 2 binaries as per the technote workaround?


  • Not sure what you meant by SLIB clean?

    Have you tried renaming these 2 binaries as per the technote?