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I just want sector-level Windows operating-system backup. With ability to make incremental backups, use NTFS journals and make Windows system databases transactions quiescene like VSS does.
Is this possible with snapshot-client? In snapshot-client documentation there is not sayed is it file-level or sector-level backup. Example regular NetBackup backup is file-level.
There is many reasons why file-level backup is not reliable. Example some software write into exact sector, write into hidden place, defragmenter made some optimization, etc.
Example Windows VSS in-box writers list is here -

  • OK - NetBackup is an Enterprise Solution that can do Flash-Backup of any drive other than the system drive.

    It can do client side -deduplication and accelerator backups on any drive, including the system drive and when 7.6 arrives it should be able to use it for VMware backups too.

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