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  • no logs are attached, also share the detailed job logs, Version Of NBU & Os on master, media , clients.


  • Found this post in unrelated forum. If this is still an issue, we need all the info requested above plus Client's bpbkar and bpfis logs. Copy to .txt files and upload as File attachments.
  • please check VSS status on client server. on cmd write

    vssadmin list providers 

    vssadmin list writers


    please check any errors in system and application  logs related to snapshot, volsnap etc.


    check 2 services microsoft software shadow copy and volume shadow copy both should be in manual state.

    go to my computer right click on C:\ then on configure shadow copy. then check size.


    go to host properties -- master server then client attributes, check what options are selected for client server.

    if client server name not added, plz add it.


    once all these basic options checked n verified. go to run and take windows server backup(it is native window server backup same as ntbackup windows 2003) of shadow copy components. If it fails problem needs to be fixed at OS level, if successfuly done, then below step


    At last share latest bpbkar and bpfis logs from client server.