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12 years ago

SQL backups failing with Status code 25 and 54


Os:solaris 10


Media Server:




Cliensts:Multiple clienst are haing issue

SQL 2008 and SQL 2005


Issue:SQL backups jobs are randomly failing with status code 25 and 54

-Not all the jobs are failing only random child jobs

-Manual backup works fine ,only random scheduled jobs are showing proble

-No problem with hostname resolution



Any Suggestions ...

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  • Check Client Connect and Client Read Timeouts on the media server - default of 300 (5 minutes) is hardly ever enough for database backups.
    Change both Timeouts to at least 1800 (30 minutes).

  • post dbclient logs with high verbosity

    Confirm with DBA there isn't any maintenance scheduled  (hourly or whichever that collides with NBU schedule)

    if manual works, try changing schedule and check

    increase timeouts for VDI as well for larger databases