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7 years ago

SQL DB backup is failing with status (2) none of the requested files were backed up

Please guide on below issue if some one has faced it. client : ERR - exit status: <2> client : ERR - bphdb exit status = 2: none of the requested files were backed up status: 2: none of the reques...
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    7 years ago
    File-level backup is different. Here media server connects to client.
    For db backup, a connection is iniated from the client to bprd on the master.

    Please do the following:
    Ensure bprd log folder exists on the master server. If not, create the folder and restart NBU.

    Run this command on the client:
    bpclntcmd -pn

    Please post output from command.
    Also check bprd log to see if connection is received from client IP address/name.