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7 years ago

SQL registration fails with error 40

Hi all,

Having an issue with a handful of MS SQL servers.  The filesystem backups work fine, however I'm encountering an issue when I try to configure the DB backups.  

When I go to register the databse, the action fails with a 40 "network connection broken" error.  There are no firewalls, antivirus issues, name resolution (forwards and backwards) works perfectly from both the client and the NBU servers.  

Can anyone give me any pointers where else we can look?  It is like the Master server can't find the client servers, despite the fact that they're already configured for FS backups and work fine.  

Not sure which process would be invoked during the registration, perhaps logging for that process can be enabled?

One possible hint is that during the SQL backup configuration, NBU incorrectly identifies the client OS - it thinks the client servers are UNIX, but it happens so quickly I don't even think it gets to the point of ID'ing the OS and just defaults to the first choice on the list of OS's.  

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  • Please make sure version of Netbackup client agent installed on SQL server provides the capability of SQL Intelligent policies, If that is true then your SQL instance must automatically will be visible under Application> MsSql server.

    If it is there then try to register it, with user which has BUILTINAdmin Provilages on OS and SYSadmin privilages under MSSQL server. Also try running NetBackup Client services and netbackup legcacy network services with this account.

  • Run a legacy backup using a script and see if that works. SQL agent backups rely more on name resolution that file system backups. You can also run bpclntcmd -pn (and -hn and -ip) on the client to verify that it communicates correctly.

  • Please bear in mind that OS backups work different - comms and data transfer happens between the client and media server.

    Database backups are different where comms is needed between the master and media server.

    The fact that the master server picks up the Client OS as UNIX says that there is a hostname/IP lookup issue between the master and the client.

    Please re-check forward and reverse name lookup bewteen master and client in both directions with:
    bpclntcmd -hn <other-hostname>
    bpclntcmd -ip <other-host-IP>

    Also test comms as follows:
    Create bpcd log folder on the client.
    Run bptestbpcd on the master:
    bptestbpcd -client <client-name> -debug -verbose

    Please show us client bpcd log and command output.

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      It is possible that your file system backup is working because that doesn't require a connection to the master.

      Maybe the SQL can't talk to the master thus failing credential validation during registration:

      Verify the Master server is listed in the client server list.

      If you are using Alias that could be a problem if name resolution is not done correctly.