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8 years ago

Staging or duplication backup data to disk or tape

Hi experts,
I have configured a virtual media server and attached a SAN disk. Backup is running and performance is good but I want to duplicate backup data to tape on other physical media servers. Is there any way if I can stag or duplicate backup data to physical servers disk and tape.

Please share your thoughts.

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    If you are configured basic disk then you can go for Disk Staging Schedule and set the high water mark to duplicate the images to tape or you can manually do the duplication.

    If you want more control on duplication like, each image need to duplicate with specific retention then go for SLP but for that backups disk should be Advance disk/Puredisk/Tape.  The SLP do not support Basic Disk.

    It doesn't matter about media server (virtual or physical). Only both media server should communicate each other.

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  • Hello

    Duplicating from virtual media to tape connected to other physical server imho is no go... Too much network traffic. In this case if I were you I would just setup physical media server with SAN disk storage as well tape drives, so the whole duplication will be made locally. Of course disk and tapes should be separated on different FC HBAs for sure, to separate this traffic.

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    please have a look at

    There are a lot of limitations for virtual media servers.

    What kind of virtualisation are you using ? Is media server Windows 2008R2 based ?

    If so I thing you cant (in supportet manner) connect a FC ore SCSI Library to your media server.

    Best way will be to have a SLP with:

    1. Backup

    2. opt. duplication to a physicale Media Server

    3. duplicate to tape locally on physical Mediaserver

    FT will not be available in this case.




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      Virtual media server is Windows 2012. I'm looking for SAN based SLP configuration if it is possible between virtual , physical media servers
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        There is no such thing as SAN-based SLP between MSDP on one media server and storage on another media server - MSDP or tape.

        If you want SAN-based duplication between dedupe storage and tape, you need to use the physical media server.

        The only way this will be possible with virtual media server is to use an OST appliance with 'direct tape-out' functionality such as Quantum DXi.