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5 years ago

start multiple restore jobs from a policy

I have to start multiple restore jobs from same policy. This will include multiple folders which are in different medias.

Can any one guide me to accomplish this.

Netbackup Version = 8.1.2

Media used = LTO6

Dell TL2000

Let me know if you need any information.

Thanks in advance


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  • Open multiple window panes, and do all your selections and get to the point of finally requesting each restore... and only when all selections are ready, then finally hit "go" for all concurrent restores... and NetBackup will automatically work out for you which are multi-plex restores, and NetBackup will automatically concurrently multi-plex restore any jobs that it can - as long as you request all of the concurrent restores together within a short enough time window, the default of which is, I think, 180 seconds (i.e. three minutes).

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      Agree with sdo - multiple windows should work!

      Preview the media needed and ensure it is all on site or on disk!

      One thing - if you are doing multiple restores that MIGHT use the same images - you might need to combine them, otherwise they will fight for th source images.

      You CAN update the bp.conf on your master to extend the timeout, it impact EVERY restore though!



  • Sorru guys, I was really got busy in my work that I forgot to update this thread.

    Also one thing I forgot to mention, that the data which I am trying to restore, was not backup using multiplexing, it does backup using traditional method, serially not parallel . So I am afraid it will not be restoring using multiplexing resotre.

    Is there any way in which I can execute multiple restore from the same policy?


    Thanks in Advance :)