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8 years ago

Storage Server Not discovering new LUN or Filesystem.

We've recently procured oracle ZS4-4 Storage applaince and try to connect the storage with Symentec Netbackup. In one data centre we used one set of ZS4-4 with Netbackup for tacking Oracle Exadata backup and attained remarkable throughput over FC. In each storage controller we've 1 IP. Register each storage controller as Storage server in the NBU and mount all the file system in all the underlying media server. This was working fine. But when we are trying to add a new file system in a new media server, the filesystem is not observing from Master server.

However when we present new file system in all the media server registered under the storage server with the new media, the file system is showing form the Master server.


Does anyone give me a recomendation behind the issue. Why its behaving like this.

Another issue is I've register one storage contoller as a Storage server by using a particular dns name, like below :

pub-zfs-head01 -

after registration solution works fine. Then we change the dns entry to something like below :


in DNs server it changes but from the master server it containing the previous name.


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  • I don't think Storage Server name in NBU can be changed without removing and re-adding the Storage Server.
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      We've deleted the Storage server which was previously created and give new DNS entry in the DNS server for that particular IP. But when going to create Storage server again with new DNS it showing error and try to reach previous DNS name for that IP.

      So I think chache has not been cleare after the change. Now do you know how to clear the cache.

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        What do these two query commands, on the master server, show:

        nbemmcmd -listhosts
        nbdevquery -liststs