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9 years ago

Sybase Backup stuck and no child jobs are created.

Sybase parent jobs are stuck on a particular instance and no child job is created. kindly help.


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  • Is this a new setup that has never worked before?

    Or worked before and now having issues?

    Have you created log folders as per the Troubleshooting section of  NetBackup for Sybase Administrator's Guide ?

    What do you see in the logs?
    Is any process started on the Sybase client?


  • Adding to Marianne's post, check bphdb logs what you script is doing and where it has stuck.. 

    post bphdb logs

  • What does the sybase DBA see in their logs ?

    What state are the problematic instance in ?

  • Thanks for the comments guys. there were hang NBU processess which was leading this problem.

    I just cancelled the parent job and restarted it again and it worked.