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I've seen the information in the NetBackup 8.1 release notes that this "tool" is no longer going to be supported.  But I also saw that it appears to be tied to the Linux version as well.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.4 through version 6.x.
Note: The SYMCquiesce utility does not support RHEL 7.x and later.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Update 1 and other updates of 11.x.
Note: The SYMCquiesce utility does not support SLES 12.x and later.

This brings two scenarios to mind and I'm not sure what the outcome would be for each one.

1) NBU 8.1   VM Linux guest RHEL 6.x - Not supported by NBU, but supported for the OS.

2) NBU 8.0  VM Linux guest RHEL 7.x - Supported by NBU, but no longer supported by the OS

I find it a little confusing to understand the true relationship between the two sides and how they interact.  In the two scenarios above, would the snapshot be complete?

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  • I see the following note in  NetBackup Release Notes  :

    Support has ended for the SYMCquiesce utility for Linux virtual machines.
    Support for the SYMCquiesce utility for Linux virtual machines has been discontinued starting in this NetBackup release.

    Newer operating systems provide native support for a similar functionality. Please contact your operating system vendor and VMware for additional information.


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      Hi Guys,  Between the holidays and moving halfway across the country, have not been online in awhile.  I understand that as of 8.1 it's no longer supported by NetBackup.  I read that in the release notes and it's what prompted my question.  My question has to do with supported and unsupported platforms on master and/or client.  It's entirely possible that you can end up with both situations as I described in my initial question.  What happens when you have 8.1 and a RHEL 6 release that still needs it.  As long as everything is up to date, it's not a problem.  I work for a government agency, so that's not likely to happen.  Is it a function of the Linux version or the VM tools that make the difference.

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        It is a function of VMware tools/openvmtools, but the OS version/kernel plays a role also. As certain older OS might not have the kernel parameters necessary to perform the quiescent operation.