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14 years ago

Tape Cartrige changes name in NBU


NBU Server = 7

OS = win2008


i am using NBU Server with an HP 4mm Tape Drive. Backup is going successful but some time it happens when i put the tape cartrige, the NBU Server take it(Tape cartrige) with a different name and the backup does not starts. 


Like i have a tape cartrige with name A00000 which was taking the backup successful yesterday and today it changed its name to A00001 when i saw in Activity Monitor.




ANy help will be appriciated

  • Seems we constantly misunderstand one another...

    Before you try and label with new media-id:

    (as per one of my previous posts)

    First, add a new media id in the Media GUI and assign it to a volume pool.

    I have also posted a link to this discussion that explains stadalone media management:


    Say you have 6 physical tapes and you decide to put labels/stickers on them:

    You next go to Media Gui and add new volumes: A00001 - 6
    Ensure density matches that of the tape drive and select a pool.

    Once added, you insert tape A00001 into the tape drive, wait for the 'Ready' light on the drive, then use bplabel as per the TechNote:
    bplabel -m A00001 -d hcart -o -p NetBackup -u 0

    Repeat for rest of tapes.

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