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4 years ago

the current master server is limited to a maximum of 256 drives

we try to define new tape drives. Running the device configuration wizzard brings the error Message:

the current master server is limited to a maximum of 256 drives

my problem is that we have 200 drives and want to add 8 new... 

so why he said 256?  and is there a possibility to change this maximum number?



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  • I have not heard of any limitations on NetBackup but I guess SG drivers on Linux may restrict it as it supports device ids from /dev/sg0 - - /dev/sg254.

    Do you have all 200 tape drives connected to one system or multiple systems involved? Please put some focus on it as it will be very interesting to know.

    You can try applying resolution from article herewith

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      i also never heard this.
      this is a clustered master. Both server has 200 Devices, and behind we have 8 Media Server.  But each node has it own devices.
      what is also strange, that this message with the 256 appears before i can mark all already defined drives...  so after approx 160 drives marked to use it comes up with the message the not more then 256 are allowed...

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        Hi Kai_8z 

        In my opinion, I think this whole question is pointless - just because it is possible doesn't mean it should be done. 

        Rather than trying to figure out how to add more drives - why are you attempting to use so many in the first place. A single server will be unable to adequately stream to more than handful of drives (maybe 16 if the server is suitable configured and resourced) and the input side of the equation of getting the data into the server so it can write is something else again. 

        I suggest you review what you are trying to achieve - I struggle to see a situation where a single server would need so many tape drives attached (especially on a clustered master server) - does the master really need so many drives? The whole point of having media servers is to scale out the load.

        Just my 2 cents.